Giving Back


As a Family Owned Business

We believe it's important to give back when and where we can, especially to our community. We work closely with and contribute to a number of organizations and charities including, the Cancer Support Community. We support and donate to local sports teams, schools, and charity fundraisers. We thoroughly enjoy  helping and giving back any way we can.


No Gratuities are Accepted

We do not accept gratuities, and we appreciate the kind gesture but as a Professional skin care center & spa our highest goal is for you as our guest to feel ultimately comfortable and return to our relaxing facility. At our spa our mission is to ensure our guest recieve the highest level of service every single time they visit. 

Our Professionals at truespa are highly Educated, Licensed, Insured  and are true Professionals in their field. They are all very well compensated and treated just like family.

The best gratuity you could give is for you to give referrals, return, review us on social media, google, yelp and spread the good word.