Meditation • Mindfulness • Discover Peace Within

The mind, like a garden, needs true nurturing.

Ashley is now offering mindfulness session to help reduce stress, alleviate anxiety & depression. Mindfulness can help provide affective communication skills and even help with chronic pain and other illnesses.


Mindfulness sessions teach you to re-train your mind to stay present and calm in the moment. Mindfulness techniques help make changes to the physical structure of your brain, to create long-lasting changes and positive, healthy habits. Mindfulness encourages people to get critical thoughts about the past and future into perspective, so they no longer dominate. It uses tools - such as meditation, breathing or awareness – to ground us in the present moment.

There are four types of mindfulness sessions that will now be offered at truespa:

A session designed to offer strategies to enhance authentic speech. During this process, you will learn supportive and nurturing communication methods, as well as enhanced techniques to speak with yourself and others with a more compassionate, open and responsible dialogue. This compassionate communication process frees energy so that one is able to view the self, others and the world in a more positive light.

Inner discovery begins when we recognize that everything changes, yet staying in the present moment can be challenging. Gain the skills to move through life change efficiently and with a sense of balance.

After a thoughtful assessment of your current life stressors, we will explore techniques and strategies to assist you in reducing the burden that stress can create. Visualization, breath awareness, nutrition and the most current philosophies on managing stress may be utilized.

This breathing exercise invigorates the mind, body, and souls. On a deeper level, there is an emotional release of negativity and stress which adds to mental clarity.

Enhancing your experience...

Adding mindfulness to any massage or facial service will allow you to fully benefit from all aspects of healing … physically, mentally & emotionally . 

Mindfulness Sessions