Oncology Skin Care


Oncology Skin Care Specialist

As certified Oncology Skin Care Specialist's we've undergone extensive education to understand how cancer and therapy treatments affect the largest organ of the body; the skin. Our medical training and holistic approach will help restore the skins condition. Oncology skin care helps the skin changes while going through cancer therapies such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and target therapy. Oncology skin care can offer relief from redness, rashes, peeling, very dry skin or thin fragile skin with an increased sensitivity to sunlight. These conditions can easily be lessened by providing you a personalized protocol pertaining to your specific needs. With helpful knowledge of skin care services and daily cares with organic and natural skin care products, these products and spa services will help you assist your skin healing. Oncology Spa Services offer healing to face, nail, hand & foot, scalp & hair, and body. Cancer is powerful, let our healing touch and knowledge give you the serenity your body deserves.