Relaxing Spa Facial

Express Spa Facial $40


A quick facial pick-me-up using organic seasonal ingredients to exfoilate and noruish the skin. Reduces stress to reviel healthier skin.

Hydrating Paraffin Facial $60


Do you suffer from eczema, dry or lusterless skin? This beautiful facial is for you. Warm Pariffin Facial delivers softness and hydrated the skin deeply to reveal a beauitful glow.

Customized Spa Facial $70


We begin with a full skin assessment.
Customized Spa Facials are an essential part of effective skin care regimen. 

This is not a basic facial you may find elsewhere. Our approach addresses your skins needs. We combine medical grade modalities along with the highest quality of organic ingredients to nourish the skin. We counteract skins aging and treat  conditions such as acne, hormonral & high sensitive. Ideal for every skin type and are therapeutic.