Meet our truespa tribe



⦁ Spa Owner 

⦁ Medical Aesthetician 

⦁ Permanent Make Up Specialist 

⦁ Oncology Skin Care Specialist 

⦁ Nutritional Health Coach

With over 20 years of experience in the skin care and wellness industry, Tricia has used her 9 years of experience in medical skin care and business development to create an earthy and harmonious environment.  She is commitmented to helping clients experience the long-lasting benefits of services provided in an environment designed to promote relaxation, rejuvenation and wellness.



  • Spa Manager
  • Licensed Massage Therapist MSG010481 
  • Level 3 Reiki Master
  • Cosmetologist 
  • Organic Hair Care Specialist 
  • Oncology Skin Care Specialist

After finishing Cosmetology School in 2012 Jazmin began working along side of her mother, Tricia. Learning from the best in skin care she began working with clients with spa facials, treating anti aging skin and overall wellness. Jazmin always had a passion to help and heals others which than made her pursue her passion in Massage Therapy. Jazmin's compassionate and healing approach toward her clients with Massage Therapy is ultimately life changing. Jazmin is our Spa Manager and thoroughly enjoys creating a nature inspired world of tranquility for every single client.



After recieving her Masters Degree at Kutztown University in Mental Health Counseling, Ashley has found her true passion with helping others as our Mindfulness Therapist  and our newest Licensed Massage Therpaist. She believes that each client is unique and should be treated with the highest level of care and respect.

In our discreet and relaxing nature inspired environment you will feel free to explore unearthed paths and patterns that are the foundation for the life you live. Ashley will offer a highly personalized approach to each client to assist you in formulating change and achieving personal growth.

Ashley is Tricia’s oldest daughter.



Ordained Minister & Level 3 Reiki Master

I made a decision 6 years ago that I needed to make a change in my health. I am a 10 year survivor of Breast Cancer. It was highly recommended to learn how to let go of all the stress, tension and negative energy that bombards my life every day. So when you are told that you have Cancer which is a negative to the body I needed to change that overall event. I chose to learn Reiki to put me on a journey of better health and mind set. I can honestly say that it had made a huge difference in my daily life and health. Not only has this technique been around for a long time, but has had wonderful results. 



Shelby has a true passion for the Massage Therapy field. She believes she truly can help people feel better, emotionally and/or physically. 

“The benefits of massage and what they can do to help someone feel better really touched home to me. I was an avid massage goer for almost 3 years, experiencing the benefits of massage first hand through the help of Jazmin here at truespa. Realizing that there are ways to help people along side with that traditional medicine can do called to me, knowing that I might be able to aid someone who has chronic pain is such a rewarding feeling. I want to be able to work with people and help them feel better and get relief from pain they might be feeling, to be able to do this is probably the greatest thing about being a Licensed Massage Therapist and what drove me to try and do my best and succeed in this field.”